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Entertainment Passes

Moffat Gold 2017 SCIO is bringing the World Gold Panning Championships to Moffat in August 2017, and the organisers have arranged a number of entertainment acts to perform in the main marquee on the Hope Johnstone Park during the golden week. If you have registered for an official gold panning category, your official ID badge is your pass to the evening  entertainment. If however, you are not competing and you would like to enjoy the entertainment you can buy a ticket by clicking on the links below. Please bring your payment receipt to the official information desk at the event (05th, 6th and 7th August at the Beechgrove Sports Centre, then transferring to a stall on the Hope Johnstone Park) where you will be able to pick up your ticket (Scocha and Awry tickets are booked separately through borderevents). Numbers are strictly limited so book your place now!!







Tuesday 08th August  2017 - Ceilidh Night - 7:30pm - Tickets £5

Iain Anderson and his Scottish Dance Band


Moffat Gold 2017 SCIO invites you to take the floor for what promises to be a fine evening of music and dance.

Monday 07th August  2017  8pm - Welcoming party - Tickets £5

The Mairs Family Band


After the opening ceremony, Moffat Gold 2017 SCIO presents live Bluegrass music from the Mairs Family Band.

Wednesday 09th August  2017 - The Firelight Show - 9pm - Tickets £5

Murray and Fearchara present The Firelight Show



Cameron Murray's performing company produces North American Dustbowl era and Medicine Show era Illusion, stunts and escapes.  The main show is the Firelight Show". It is a re-imagining of the entertainment of the Tent Shows of the era.  They perform:


   Incredible mind reading

   The tale of the gold poke

   Shooting the pip out of a playing card whilst blindfolded

   and the death defying Houdini Milk Can Escape.  

   All of the above is family friendly!!!!!

Thursday 10th August  2017 - Blues Night - 7:30pm - Tickets £5

Clan Blues


Moffat Gold 2017 SCIO presents Clan Blues who will be playing their fabulous mix of acoustic Americana, Folk and Blues.

Friday 11th August  2017 - Scottish Folk 'N' Roll Night - 7:30pm - Tickets £12 + £1.50 booking fee


Moffat Gold 2017 SCIO is proud to present the unique sound that is Scocha. Branded as Folk ‘n’ Roll, Scocha is faithful to being traditionally Scottish in style and roots, yet does so with a vibrant freshness that is infectious. A passionate blend of stirring new material and traditional classics, spiced with up-to-the-moment arrangements, ensures captivating variety. Peppered with humour and banter in the Scots tongue, a Scocha performance, is never scripted and always original.


Check out:


Tickets are available through BorderEvents

Saturday 12th August  2017 - Folk Night - 7:30pm - Tickets £5 + £1 booking fee



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AWRY are a band based in Scotland who make fine, mirthy original music that fuses traditional acoustic instruments (mostly made from wood and metal) with powerful soundscapes (mostly made from electric) and the Gaelic language (mostly made from sound and sometimes paper)…


AWRY have a reputation for being able to make people whirl like a dervish and dance like loons but also dream, drift and doodle…


Check out:


Tickets are available through borderevents:

Full week entertainment pass - £20.00